Progress Today: Tuesday 1 October 2019

Hugs and Kisses crochet baby blanket

I am determined to try and keep you guys updated on things going on around here. I’m not a blogger by any means. But I do like making journal entries. So I thing this is how I am going to treat this blog now. I journal everyday in an app, so I’m going to move my progress here.

Dark chestnut angora

So today I continued working on everything really. I’m not a fast worker due to a very busy life, but I do make progress daily. I am also the kind of person who hates working on one thing at a time, I always have multiple projects going.

Light chestnut angora

I got a few rows done on a Hugs and Kisses crochet baby blanket, and a matching bear. I also spun for an hour on the wheel. I work the longest on that because I love spinning more than anything and it will take about a week for me to finish one skein of yarn. I am currently spinning from one of my newest girls here Mary Anne. She’s a dark chestnut who has a blue tinge to her. On my spindle I have my mom’s lighter chestnut Willie. I am knitting another baby blanket that I’ve been working on for a long time, but only because I keep putting it aside and I don’t know why. I am almost done with it so it has now become a priority and hopefully I will have it done by Christmas. It is a knit sampler blanket. I found a pattern that wasn’t squares, but I reworked it so it is a bunch of squares and I plan on crocheting them together. I would like to work more on combining crochet and knit along with Tunisian crochet which I also love.

Sampler Square knit baby blanket
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