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Nothing cuter than a baby playing with yarn, till ya got to clean it up!

The last few weeks have been crazy. I have finally, definitely decided that I am going to do Olde Home Day here in Hollis this year. I did it two years ago and loved it. There was a lot of room where I could improve, but overall it was a great time.

With that said, I am in overdrive trying to get enough made to sell. I have taken a detour from the cats and am focusing on craft bags. These are crocheted in handspun wool that you carry on your wrist and work on your project. They also make cute little everyday bags. These bags I got from Whistle and Ivy here https://www.whistleandivy.com/crochet-in-public-bag/. I’ve made a few adjustments to this bag as well.

Craft bag

I have also been working on headband ear warmers. Winter is not far my friends and that means the cold is coming! Now if you life in a nice warm area all year round, I’ll be thinking of you when I am freezing up here in New England, wishing I was by your pool sipping margaritas. But for those of you like me who live in a very cold area half the year or more, keeping your ears warm are key in the winter. These ear warmers are a bunch of different patterns that I have found on Pinterest over the years. These ear warmers are made of handspun wool, mostly angora, and angora blend.

Then there are the bunnies. I am stocking up on these babies. I love making them and I love sharing them with others. I plan on having a bunch of colors.

Finally I will also be selling some stitch counters (key chain and lanyard), and stitch markers. I love the stitch markers I make. Believe it or not my husband showed me how to make them, their mile marker trackers. I converted them into stitch counters, because honestly who doesn’t love a great stitch counter. And the stitch markers, I wanted something that I loved. Yes, these are earrings that I made and converted into stitch markers, but they work great. They aren’t bulky and are pretty to look at. And of course there will be yarn.

Stitch Markers

So between now and September 14th I am going to be very busy stocking up. This means there won’t be much outside of fiber in the shop till after the event. But hopefully I will see many of you there. Till then I am going to be busy working and untangling my yarn and trying to convince my baby that the yarn (or the computer in this case) isn’t hers.

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