Bobbles and Thinking Outside the Box

One sample of three row stitch counter

So the row I worked on for the crochet baby blanket was bobbles. Bobbles are not my friend. They take me longer to do and with this pattern I have to make sure they are lined up right to get the right number up and down each ridge. Don’t get me wrong it look beautiful when it’s done, but it’s not my favorite part.

Growing every day

I had a woman today message me about my stitch counters, (those will be in the shop soon). She has bought a few from me and asked if I can make one that she could count up to 999 rows. I told her that I would come up with something. So my night after spinning some angora on the wheel was spent making different stitch counters that will count up to 999. Right now with my stitch counters you have two sections. The bottoms are the ones, once you hit row ten you drop a bead on the top. Currently you can go up to 99, but now I will be carrying an option to go up to 999. This will include a row of 9 beads for the hundreds. This is kind of amusing to me because my oldest daughter, whom I homeschool, is working on decimals and this was kind of cool to work on with building more place values. So if your child ever asks when they will ever use place values, well here ya go 😁.

My favorite hundreds stitch counter

Finally the bear. I am working this bear in the same yarn as the blanket. It’s Mandala by Lion Brand; color Wishing Well. This is a striped yarn. I started just crocheting it, but the stripes weren’t coming out in a way that made me happy. So I decided to do something I never do. I separated each color in its own ball and I am choosing where to put the colors. I’ve come up with a plan for it and you guys will see it unfold over the next month.

Separation of colors of the Mandala striped yarn
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