What’s Been Going On?

So here I am, I haven’t gone anywhere. To be honest I haven’t really been feeling working on the computer lately. I’ve just been wanting to spin and crochet. I think a large part of it is we are in the gloomy days of February, but March is literally a few days away. This means for me here in the North East that spring is on its way, hopefully.

So I have been working pretty diligently on a blanket for a friend of my husband, who is having a baby next month. So I am working on my second Tunisian crochet baby blanket. This blanket I explain more on this page for this blanket. I am thrilled with how it is turning out.

Next I just finished this gorgeous shawl called the Loveland Shawl. This is also Tunisian crochet and I love everything about this shawl. Check out more about this shawl here.

So since my Loveland Shawl is done, I have started on this new Tunisian crochet shawl called the Three Forks Tunisian Shawl. I am loving this shawl already. Check it out here of how it is going.

I have been doing a lot of Tunisian crochet lately. For those of you who are trying to figure out what Tunisian crochet is, its crocheting with the look of knit or weaving. It doesn’t explain it well, but it’s the best I got. If you’ve ever seen a long crochet hook, or a crochet hook with a cord and stopper, you have seen a Tunisian crochet hook. I personally love this way of crochet and have actually been doing it for awhile. But lately I have been really embracing it.

I have also finished a knit ear warmer. I know spring is almost here, but you never grow out of an ear warmer. This ear warmer is knit in handspun angora. Actually it’s from my sassy girl Mary Ann. I made it a little different them most ear warmers. This one is a little wider so it actually covers your ears. The buttons are added for a little decoration. I will be putting this up into the shop this week.

I went to Michael’s the other day to look for some jewels for a stitch marker project I was challenged with (more about that in a second). So obviously I went to the yarn isle. I haven’t been to Michael’s for about a year so I figured I’d see what they have. I cam across this “yarn” I think it’s called roving yarn. Side note, please don’t ever buy this to crochet or knit anything. This “yarn” is not properly spun and will eventually fall apart as it is worn and washed. This is what spinners use to spin. There is no twist in it and it will eventually fall apart. For those who are thinking I am wrong and you made something with it and it’s holding up nicely, I’m glad it’s working for you, but my opinion still stands, don’t use it.

Anyway, I saw some just sitting there waiting for someone to take them home and I came across this beautiful skein of greens, browns, and hints of purples and pinks. My heart fell for it immediately and I bought a skein of roving yarn. I have absolutely no intention of crocheting with it, I am of course going to spin it. I did about 3 oz of it so far (these are in 10 oz balls). I love how it’s turning out. I hopefully will ply it next week and show you guys the results. Here are some more photos I have of the yarn spun up.

So back to my stitch marker challenge. I do make stitch markers, and I usually buy my charms from Michael’s because they are literally right down the road. Well I had a customer ask me if I could make stitch markers with a clasp that she could use on her size 13-15 knitting needles. Challenge accepted. There was a catch, she loves purple and of course I have no purple charms, so off to Michael’s I go. After searching for what seemed like forever, I found some that were ok. So I went home and made these beautiful stitch markers that fit over knitting needles up to size 15. I am going to have them up in the shop by Monday for anyone who is interested. They will come in a four pack. There are different colors, but I think I am going to have it be random choice instead of being able to chose colors. The reason for this I can only get so many and if I run out of a color I can’t guarantee I’ll have the color you want. You can try and request a color, but I can’t guarantee it. Of course I’ll be in communication with anyone about this when the time comes.

So that is about it. Nothing really new here. Just working away and enjoying life.

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