As things here in New Hampshire start to open up after this pandemic hit and continues to try and reek havoc on our world, I am now starting to get busy with life again. My girls are finishing their last two weeks of school, so hopefully some days won’t be as busy. During these changes where you start to settle into a routine and then it has to change, whether it’s because of “stay-at-home” orders, or your state opening back up again from a pandemic, or major surgery, or having a baby, or the loss of a loved one, take the time you need to adjust to your new situation or to re-acclimated to an old routine.

I did just finish some skeins of yarn that will be in the shop this weekend. I have some gorgeous smoke pearl angora, chocolate chinchilla angora, and chocolate satin angora yarn in the shop now. It is also molting season. I am loading up the shop with fiber. I am backlogged on fiber and everything that is coming off my buns this summer will be in the shop for sale. After some inquiries, I now sell fiber by the 1/2 ounce instead of the ounce, so please keep that in mind when you purchase fiber.

I’m finishing up my spike stitch crochet baby blanket. My beautiful niece has entered the world, so I am hoping to have it done completely (ends woven in and everything) by next Sunday. I have also started an alpine stitch blanket for the next baby in line who is a dear friend of mine expecting their second child. She’s due in July, so it may not get done until after the baby is born, but not long after. I FINALLY gave my nephew the knit baby blanket that I started over a year ago. As soon as I finished it life as we knew it turned upside down and I haven’t had a chance to get it to him till the beginning of June. But hey better late than never.

I finished my first woven shawl. It came out beautiful. I learned a lot with this shawl, and now I am on shawl number 2, because you can never have too many shawls.

This next week I will be back at the wheel working up some angora (surprise, surprise), and working on my shawl, and spinning on the spindle. I need to get back to scheduling my time more wisely and sticking to it.

Till next time!

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