Looking Into the New Year

Yeah I know, I’m a week late, but hey as the saying goes, “Better late than never.” I had so many plans for this year. I was going to start attending craft shows, build up this site, build up my bunny site, and somewhere in there still crochet/knit and spin and build up inventory. This sent me into a mini panic attack. Not because I didn’t think I could do it, I know I can do it, I just didn’t know when I would have enough time to make the inventory needed to attend shows and still make things for family and friends. I also don’t just want to make quick little things just to have enough inventory. I like to make things that are time consuming and detailed (go figure). So I am going to just continue what I am doing. I’m going to build my inventory for my shop here and Etsy. I hope to attend Olde Home Days here in Hollis in September, but other than that just keep picking away.

I don’t have a complete inventory of all that I made last year, this is one thing I am going to work on, but I spun almost 6,000 yards of yarn last year. I’d like to spin more, but if I don’t that’s ok.

So there we are there is what I am going to be up to this next year, working on inventory, spinning, updating this site regularly, and I am thinking of designing a pattern. I’m not sure yet what it’s going to be yet. So keep an eye out on new and interesting things going on here.

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