Angora Wool, What is it?

Angora, what the heck is that? Angora is wool from an angora rabbit (not goat, that’s Mohair). These rabbits are usually raised in small rabbitries around the world. The fiber is harvested either when the rabbits shed (this is known as plucking) or shorn.

Angora is a fine fiber that is lovely to spin and work with. You can spin it straight off the rabbit, card it, or blend it with other fibers. If spun pure you will have a lovely halo that angora brings naturally to any product. Blending Angora doesn’t halo as much, if at all, but the added warmth that angora has will be added to the fiber that it’s blended with and will keep you warm on the coldest temperatures.

Even though there is a lot of stigma and bad press behind angora, getting cruelty free angora is super easy to get. Search for small rabbitiries on Facebook, Etsy, or and you will find thousands of people who sell angora cruelty-free.

What is plucking? I honestly hate this term. I usually use harvesting, but you can’t run away from the proper terms. So with plucking you are not ripping the wool off the animal. Most angoras shed and that is what you are plucking is the wool that is naturally coming off. So there is no harm to the rabbit at all.

So the next time you see angora fiber, yarn, or product, know that not only will it be softer than a cloud, but it will keep you very warm in the cold winter months, and my favorite part, it’s water resistant! Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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