Mishcka Yarn

Mishcka? What on earth is a Mishcka? Mishcka is my first French chocolate angora here at my rabbitry Samollynn Angoras. She is super sweet, but also lets you know who’s in charge. I love Mishcka’s color. Its a beautiful chocolate with sections of this milk chocolate color mixed in. I just started spinning this today (16 Dec 2019) and hopefully will be done by the end of the week.

*Update: 28 Dec. 19*

Let me tell you what guys, this girl amazes me every time. I love the color she has. Her color is a gorgeous chocolate color, but there are these reddish highlights. Its also so soft and squishy. I love how this skein turned out. It also has this beautiful halo starting. The yarn ended up being 130 yards and worsted weight (medium weight) yarn.