Spindle Spinning

I love spinning on the spindle. It is a different method and more portable. I usually spin baby angora on them because the staple length is so much shorter than adult angora, so using a spindle makes spinning it so much easier. A spindle also lets you get the most yarn out of the fiber since I tend to spin thinner with a spindle. For baby angora, or really angora, I use a spindle that weighs less than an ounce. If the spindle is too heavy your yarn will constantly break and you will get frustrated and quit.

I highly recommend if you are looking to start spinning, start with a spindle. This is the most primitive way of spinning and you get a feel for how the fiber is spun into yarn.

There are many different styles of spindles to chose from and from a wide price bracket. Like anything in life, especially a tool that you will be using regularly, try different kinds of spindles. I prefer a low whorl drop spindle or a Turkish spindle. Many people like supported spindles, while others prefer a top whorl spindle or a Navajo spindle. Start with a cheap spindle that way if you hate it you didn’t spend a ton of money on it. When you find a style you love then spend the money on a nice one.

Spindle spinning is a lot of fun and makes a great conversation piece.