Angora/Churro Blend Yarn

Here is some beautiful angora/Churro blend yarn that I am preparing to spin to make a hat for my father-in-law. This fiber has honestly not been the easiest to blend together, due to the lanolin that is still in the Churro.

So before I go any further let me explain what a Churro is. The full name is Navajo Churro, which is a small sheep. These sheep from my understanding from my conversation with the woman who owns these sheep here in New Hampshire, is they don’t require as much grass and hay like some sheep, they eat scrub plants that you would find in the forest. They are beautiful little animals with really nice wool. It does have lanolin in it, which can be nice to make the yarn water resistant and make an awesome winter hat.

So I bought this beautiful fiber a few years ago and washed it up. Well apparently I didn’t wash all the lanolin out of it, which I didn’t mind, at first. It was gummy and almost impossible to work through. I did have some fiber that had some lanolin in it but it was easier to work with, so I stuck with that. Well I got one skein done and I have to do another because I like to make sure I have more than enough to make whatever it is I’m making. Now I have to make the second skein.

I honestly have been dragging my feet with this. All the prep work I had to do has killed it for me, but I am just going to spin it up next week and get this hat going.

I am very excited to get this hat going. It will be a regular winter hat, but he would like flaps for the ears, but no tassels (my kind of hat). So I am thinking of ideas and designs in my head to see what I come up with.