With this pandemic and the country selling out of paper towels, my husband asked if I could make napkins. I said sure, but I’d have to weave them because it’s faster than crocheting. So I broke out my little Schacht Cricket Loom. I forgot how much I love to weave. So my husband and I talked and I bought an Ashford 24″ ridged heddle loom. I love it. I almost got the 36″ one, but I am glad I got the 24″. I believe the 36″ would have been too big. With the 24″ I can make panels if I want to make anything bigger. I am currently working on a shawl out of Lion Brand Comfy Cotton. I have really developed a love for plant based yarns for weaving. They are light weight and wear really nicely. I am still working on my edge tension and getting that right.