Niece Blanket

My sister is finally having a girl! I am through the roof excited for her. She has 3 beautiful boys, but now she is being blessed with a girl. She was so funny she’s not convinced it’s a girl until she sees for herself. I told her that if it turns out to be a boy then he’s getting a purple blanket.

Y’all I love this color. I am in love with the Mandala line that Lion Brand has come out with. It looks like water colors almost. The yarn is Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Chi. This blanket I had a great idea of what I wanted. Well the yarn didn’t agree. It’s a self striping yarn and it wasn’t blending the way I wanted it to. So I am doing granny squares and am going to make an ombre (blending from lighter to darker) type blanket with the squares. So far I am loving how the squares are coming out.