Knit Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is one I’m super excited about. This is a whole knit blanket that I am doing in English Rib Stitch. I can’t even begin to tell you how squishy and fluffy it is. I think that I may have to make one for my bed. I am using Lion Brand Thick and Quick: Fisherman, for the yarn. I prefer to use acrylic yarn for baby blankets because like most moms we are so busy and our lives are crazy that to think about how to wash a blanket other than throwing it into the washer, is foolish. So I make them so they are washer and dryer friendly, even though I do say that air drying is better, but not necessary. Keep an eye out on how this blanket turns out!

**May 11 Update**

So this blanket went from a knit blanket to a crochet blanket. I messed up and had to frog back quite a few rows but I’m not sure why there was a weird line through the row that I started working on again. Well I tried to ignore it, then I messed up the ribbing again! So I got fed up and made a ribbed crochet blanket instead. I’m not thrilled that I had to do a complete do over, but I am thrilled with the results. The mama who is receiving this blanket this week is also having her baby this week. I can’t wait to see this little girl, especially wrapped up in her new baby blanket.