Handspun Winter Hat 2

This fiber is alpaca/angora (r) and Jacob/Romney sheep and angora blend

I don’t take many custom orders, but I will take them from time to time. I had a guy who was interested in one of my hats that I have available in my Etsy shop. He asked me that if I didn’t think this was the right hat if I could make him one close to the one I have listed. The hat itself is too small. So after talking to him and finding some fiber of the color of his choosing I am starting it this evening. I’m kind of excited to be spinning for a purpose instead of spinning with no end product in mind.

The sample hat that is being made

*Update* 24 November 2019

So I spun up some gorgeous sheep/angora blend yarn, but I’m afraid that it is too dark. The guys wants silver which when I first pulled it out the handful I grabbed was silver. As with all natural colored fibers there can be a wide gradient of color, this is what happened here. So I ordered some Alpaca/tussah silk fiber. This fiber is delicious. It’s so soft that I want to crawl in it and just lay there forever. It has a beautiful silver color to it as well. I spun a little last night and it is a dream to spin.

27 Nov 19: Update

FINALLY, I am ready to ply tonight. This should be a nice worsted weight yarn. Once this is plied I will set the twist and then when it’s dry start on crocheting this hat. The reason I have the yarn sit in the winder over night is so that when I go to ply it it’s a little relaxed and not super full of energy, which can cause it to tangle along the way. This doesn’t fully prevent the tangling, but I’ve noticed it has helped.

Finished hat

*Update Dec 9, 2019*

I know I haven’t updated too much, but the hat is done. I love these hats. They are a pain where the yarn gets twisted, but the look is great. I may try an make one in bright colors and see how they turn out. Hopefully the person who ordered it will love it.

16 Dec Update*

Got the package sent out. Hopefully the guy will love it or at least like it.