Bare Blanket

This blanket is a pattern I got from TL Yarn Craft,, called the Pilson Blanket. I am calling it the Bare blanket because this is for a friend of my husband who is due with his first baby next month.

This blanket is Tunisian crochet and is a pretty quick work up. I am using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn (my personal yarn of choice) in seven different colors. My husband came up with the layout for the blocks and I added a few things to this pattern to really accent each block. The blanket is worked in columns and you change colors as you work, so its one continuous piece. I am so excite to see how this blanket turns out.

Update 9 April 2021:

Baby blanket is DONE! With the help of my oldest daughter who wove in the ends for me (it was a lot of ends). I got it sent out and it got delivered the same day that the baby was born! How exciting! A healthy baby boy and a cozy blanket nothing better.

Overall this blanket was super easy. I’d recommend it to anyone who has knowledge of Tunisian crochet. It’s worked in columns in a Tunisian simple stitch, usually the typical beginners stitch (but still lovely). I would though highly recommend blocking it when you are done, as you can see there is some curling on the sides. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to block it before I sent it. I would though do another one of these blankets in a heart beat.