Angora Fox

100% Angora Yarn Fox

This little fox I made as a gift for my niece for her 9th birthday. I used two different tort angora fibers, *Note to self make sure you know how much yarn you need BEFORE you finish your yarn and start the project!* But in my defense there was no yardage in the instructions.

Before assembly

I was origionally going to use a pygora/angora blend for the red part of the yarn. Then it dawned on my, I don’t have white or black pygora only red. Where angora blooms like it does I couldn’t use the blend because it wouldn’t bloom the same way as the pure angora will. So change of plans, all pure angora. To be honest I’m glad I did it that way. Angora is so soft, and for a child that’s what they want.

Look at the halo the angora already has!

This was the fastest amigurumi I’ve ever done. It was a quick work up. The only thing that I’m not happy about is that the head is heavy. I don’t know if it’s because of the weight of the wool, or because it’s soo much bigger than the rest of the body. Next time I’ll try to make it smaller and see if that helps or make a different body.

The final product

If anyone is interested in the pattern here is the link. The only advice I will give about this pattern is don’t rush through it. The wording is a little tricky, so pay attention. Fox Pattern